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An essential lever for the development of agricultural businesses, training supports the economic competitiveness of the sector. MED'Agri will present a complete panorama of agricultural education, training and employment in agriculture.

An initiative in line with the “OSE L'AGRICULTURE” campaign of ANEFA, the National Association for Employment and Training in Agriculture.

Who is MED'Agri's Guidance, Education, Skills, Professions and Employment Center for?

For young people in the orientation phase, for employees in activity or looking for a job, for farm managers and business creators, agricultural training is a royal road to access a wide range of skills, trades or jobs. To present this offer, many public and private agricultural establishments, high schools and consultancy organizations have chosen to participate in MED'Agri. Visitors will find at the show the entire range of diplomas in agricultural education, Initial School Training, Apprenticeship Training, Continuing Vocational Training and Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE) for active employees.

Why welcome college students to a trade show?

Because they represent the future! We will receive 350 young college students in the orientation phase. They will be selected on the basis of their interest in discovering professions in the agricultural world. Upon their arrival at the show, they will attend a plenary presentation before following a thematic information and orientation course.

What can MED'Agri bring to the issue of training and employment?

More than 20 specialized structures will participate in MED'Agri. They offer all the diversity of agricultural education: public, private, family and rural homes, higher education, work-study, apprenticeship, etc.

Tuesday October 13: agricultural education.
Wednesday October 14: Forum de l'Emploi - Job Dating

Thursday, October 15: work-study, apprenticeship and continuing education.

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In 2020, MED'Agri presents a very complete range of production activities linked to vines and wine. The opportunity to take stock of a rapidly changing industry.

In 2019, we cultivated in France more than 54 million quintals of wine grapes for a production of 42.3 million hl of wine. The national vineyard represents an area of 788,584 ha. We are the second largest producer of wines in the world, behind Italy. Languedoc-Roussillon is the leading vineyard in France, both in terms of area and volume of 12.36 million hl, ahead of Charentes, Bordelais and the vineyards of the South-East.

Climate change is confusing the maps of the French wine industry and impacting the borders of production areas, plant material, wine production conditions and their organoleptic characteristics. While we can hope for a certain resilience of the systems, changes in viticultural and oenological practices are already necessary to adapt. A national strategy currently being drawn up is based in particular on the INRAE ACCAF Metaprogramme (Adaptation to climate change for agriculture and forestry). The different wine-growing areas work in collaborative networks to share both their experiences and their adaptation solutions.

Consumer expectations are also contributing to the evolution of the sector. To respond to the market, French professionals thus produced more rosé wine in 2018, with strong growth of + 2 million hl.

Equipment and materials, conferences on research results and work in progress ... The viti sector is meeting at MED'Agri 2020!

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The Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur Chamber of Agriculture, main organizer of Med'Agri, has delegated the event organization of the show to the Mercantour Events team.

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Today, we present to you Gaëlle, member of the Mercantour Events team.

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Tech & Bio Business Relationship

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Gaëlle is in charge of the Tech & Bio commercial relationship. She is at your side to assist you in preparing for your participation in the show. These skills are put at your service to meet your expectations by offering you the solution adapted to your needs.

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Crédit Agricole Alpes Provence is a partner of Med'Agri 2020, the trade fair for Mediterranean agriculture.

Crédit Agricole Alpes Provence, fully committed to supporting businesses, professionals and farmers, offers the loan guaranteed by the State.

As the leading financier of the French economy and mobilized from the first days of the crisis to all of its customers, the Crédit Agricole Group now offers its entrepreneurial customers (farmers, professionals, traders, craftsmen, businesses, etc.) ), in addition to the measures already announced (postponement of deadlines, etc.), to resort to the new mechanism of loans guaranteed by the State.

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